Only A Surgical Operation Can Correct This Condition.

It is primarily used to treat various eye problems, especially glaucoma. Studies have shown that older people are at a greater risk of developing the open-angle form of the disease due to myopia and their thinner corneas. Conventional treatment options are temporary, causing severe adverse effects. An eye allergy can be treated using a saline solution as an eye drop. The optic nerve that acts as a medium of connection between the back of the eye and the brain, actually sends visual data from the retina to the specific part of the brain for interpretation. The primary one occurs without any injury or trauma to the eyes and it may be a case of the dog's genetic predisposition for glaucoma. Only a surgical operation can correct this condition. The other two types of this disease are - congenital and secondary.

Acetylcholine is a known depressant, on the other hand neurotransmitters like nor epinephrine and serotonin act as brain cell stimulants. Glaucoma patients with blurry vision should be given emergency medical attention as the pressure of the eye has to be reduced to inhibit any major damage. On the other hand, β-caryophyllene limits the inflammatory responses of the body.